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Restrictions on pub opening hours were introduced duringthe First World War, partially to try and stop soldiers drinking so much
If you want to take control of your crack use you can - but it's up to you to make this happen. These tips are from other crack cocaine users.
The first recorded tobacco smoking was in about 500AD in Mexico.
Using any drug is risky. Taking more or mixing drugs, especially with alcohol, increases the risks.
Taken from Protection - Drugs
If you want to stop smoking cannabis or cut down, you can. But it is important to prepare for it so you're not tempted back to your old ways...

Know Series - Set of 5

Know Series - Set of 5 These five new colourful, reasonably priced leaflets are easy to read and bang up to date. They will help keep actual and potential users as safe as possible and are also informative for professionals and the public at large. They all include sections on: what the drug is the laws…

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