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It was a subject that I have not previously found that interesting. I found this challenged my complacency. It was outstanding
Delegate feedback, DCR seminar
I found the seminar inspiring, I could have stayed there all day listening. It was absolutly fantastic and I think everyone in this field of work should attend and listen to Jacquie
Very interesting approach to the presentation! Scary! But very thought provoking.
Delegate feedback, Stanton Peele seminar
Food for thought! Very thought provoking, lifting us out of our comfort zones and making us think differently
Delegate feedback, Stanton Peele seminar
It was a real eye opening and thought provoking session and being delivered by Rowena with her style and approach was truly unique, she was so inspiring, captivating, interesting, enthusiastic and passionate.
Jackie Burns, Substance Misuse Development Manager Warrington DAAT talking about the Working with Veterans: Soldiers, Substances and Stigma course

The Stuff On Tobacco

The Stuff On Tobacco This 16-page booklet, aimed at young people, covers tobaccoo and includes sections on: what it is brief history of use effects dangers the law top 10 safety tips what the young characters think of tobacco where to find more information and get help if needed Part of the 'Stuff on..'…

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