Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line

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  • Size: DVD
  • Pages: DVD + CD-ROM
  • Code: CL09
An award winning (FRANK national award winner 2009), hard hitting and uncompromising drug education package with real life interviews and reconstructions which combine in a compelling way to tell the stories of former heroin and crack cocaine users. The resource is an excellent tool for engaging and retaining the attention of the intended audience. It provides a stimulus to highlight the potential impact of drug addiction on individuals, families and society in general and lays out strategies to enable students/learners to understand, avoid and be aware of the potential dangers.
The DVD is intended for audiences aged 14 and over and should be used in conjunction with the lesson plans and extension resources provided. The DVD combined with the lesson plans and extension lessons provided can be used in a variety of settings including; Drug Treatment Agencies; Community Groups; Schools, Colleges and Universities; Young Offenders Institutions, Prisons, and training for a range of professionals including the Health Service and Criminal Justice sectors.

DVD Contents

  • Part 1 - Chris' Story - (12 chapters) running time: 24min
  • Part 2 - Group Stories - (13 chapters) running time: 32min

CD Rom Contents

  1. Electronic copy of resource folder content ( Including 4 Lessons Plans, worksheets and board activities)
  2. Extension Lessons (Additional 18 Lesson Plans/ units of work )
  3. PowerPoint Presentation
  4. Plus guidance notes for activities.
...a refreshing look at drug these materials, the description 'drug education' is accurate: the lessons will promote and inform exceptionally well-thought out set of materials
From Druglink review by Blaine Stothard
Price: (£49.00 plus VAT) £58.80

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